Brammo coming to Canada

Leno electric Brammo
Jay Leno seems to like the Empulse R.

Want Brammo? Now you can have your wish granted in Canada, thanks to WC Distributing.

You might not recognize the WC Distributing name, because in the past, they were mainly associated with Johnny Pag. It’s our understanding that they don’t have anything to do with Johnny Pag’s brand anymore, although they’ll still be importing those bikes under their original marques.

We’re still low on details, but it sounds like the Brammo will be available in the western provinces first; WC is planning on doing a demo tour, starting in the Edmonton area in the next couple weeks. They’ll have an Empulse R and a couple of their Chinese cruisers available for riders to try out.

That’s certainly a bit of juxtaposition; Chinese motorcycles are still struggling to overcome their image problems, while Brammos are ridden by the rich and the famous. You can read more about their machinery at their website here, but essentially, they are a high-powered electric superbike with a gearbox. That’s a welcome feature for many riders, as most battery bikes rely on an auto transmission.

We don’t have any details on MSRP or showroom availability yet, but we’ll share when we do have them. So, stay frosty, and we’ll share the deets as soon as we can.


  1. Thank you Zak for telling your readership about us bringing the Brammo Line to Canada.
    We are officially introducing the Brammo Empulse for the first time to Canada Tuesday Night the 15th of July at Bike Night with Terry Evans at Black Jacks Roadhouse in Nisku, AB (South of Edmonton)
    We have Bike with us, that can be driven for testing purposes.
    Hope to see lots of your readers taking advantage of this opportunity to test drive a very fast and powerfull ALL ELECTRIC Motorcycle and see for them self what the fuzz is all about.
    Sven Bernard
    Managing Director

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