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Bonneville woes


Most motorcyclists have heard of the Bonneville salt flats. It’s where Burt Munro and countless others have headed in pursuit of land-speed motorcycle records. But didja know that soon, if things don’t change, they’re going to have to change the name?

The reason for the change – Bonneville is losing its salt, and has been doing so since the 1930s. At the rate they’re going, they’ll just be the Bonneville flats, instead of the salt flats. However, there’s apparently a project afoot to fix this problem, by trucking in load of salt and spreading the stuff around. And that makes us wonder – why Bonneville? We’ve got plenty of flat land in Canada (starts in Saskatchewan and stretches to the Rockies). Why not truck some salt out from the east coast and start our own land speed facility? We could find out who has the fastest combine on the prairies …

Fail mail

After watching this video, you wonder why anyone would try a stoppie in the first place. Of course, not everyone who does one will end up on their face, but they should show these clips in rider training, instead of the usual lame ’70s-era VHS tapes – it would likely cut down on squidly behaviour.

Whiskey throttle

And here, dear readers, is why throttle control is important.

Super Step Through

What we're wondering is, is that superbike-spec rubber on there?
What we’re wondering is, is that superbike-spec rubber on there?

When you think of World Superbike suppliers, you think of high-end components – spec tires, top-line brakes, etc. But what about Kymco?

There’s nothing wrong with Kymco – they make fine scooters. I would know, I flogged one viciously during the 2013 MBSR. But they aren’t your typical high-horsepower machine seen in WSBK pits.

But hey! Even World Superbike officials need pit bikes, which means Kymco has signed a deal with WSBK to provide Agility 60 R6 4T scooters for Dorna officials to zip around the track. We’re just waiting for Tom Sykes to grab one for a victory lap …

Kicking and screaming

Here’s why you don’t kick a car while riding.


  1. Watching the wheelie/stoppie crash video, I’m reminded of this: Chicks dig scars! I’m not sure how they feel about skin grafts, though.

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