WC Distributing working on their own line of motorcycles

The Johnny Pag Malibu. Their Canadian distributor says they're hoping to bring in a 320 and 650 version of this bike.

We’ve already told you WC Distributing is bringing Brammo to Canada (and if you want to do a demo ride, show up at Blackjacks Roadhouse for bike night on July 15), but that’s not all. They’re also working on bringing their own line of cycles to Canada.

We can’t give you all the details they shared with us, for a couple reasons. They haven’t gotten all the deals nailed down yet, and obviously they don’t need to have their competition hip to their moves; more importantly, though, they don’t want to publish a lot of hype and then have the whole thing fall through. However, the information they gave us was very interesting, and a step forward for Canadian motorcycling if it all comes through.

The new bikes will be marketed under the Williams Cycles marque.

WC originally brought in the Johnny Pag lineup of made-in-China choppers; however, they had issues with parts supply for warranty work and they no longer have any association with Johnny Pag. They do have parts in stock for those machines, though, according to their website.

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