New Canadian Moto-Read From Nick Adams

nick adams book

Nick Adams, perhaps the most prolific motorcycle book writer in Canadian history, has another read on the market. This spring, he’s released his latest book titled Never Tire of the Road: Motorcycle Tales and Travels.

Based in eastern Ontario, Nick has been pounding out the miles all across Canada for many years now, mostly aboard his ancient Moto Guzzi Eldorado, but he’s not opposed to trying other machines as well. In his latest adventures, he’s aboard a Suzuki Cavalcade for some of the mileage—and just finding one of those in good enough condition for touring has to be an accomplishment in itself, because it’s been a long time since that Gold Wing-competitor plied the showrooms of Canada!

Here’s Nick’s summary of his book, as per his Amazon listing:

Familiar roads. Familiar Places. It’s easy to get stale riding the same old routes. Sometimes it hardly seems worthwhile to pull on all that motorcycle gear, start the engine and head out. Why bother? It is easy to tire of the road. Cold weather and occasional roadside troubles are all part of the pleasures of riding. Don’t let the little things get you down. Sometimes all it takes to overcome the feeling that you’ve ridden all those roads too many times is a slight change in perspective and attitude.

This book is a grab-bag of motorcycle tales and travels – traversing northern Ontario forest roads on a $750 plastic ugly duckling, exploring Nova Scotia by road couch, ADV travel by ancient Guzzi, dipping into urban Ontario to visit a couple of enormous hounds – Nick takes us on diverse journeys on a variety of different bikes while avoiding the ennui which occasionally creeps into our motorcycling life.

Initial reviews of the 165-page book are positive (we’ll give you our own take, if we get a chance to read it). It’s priced just under $30 on Amazon in softcover, but Nick’s books are usually available as a free read if you have the Kindle subscription service, sooner or later (currently, a Kindle purchase of the book is $5.42). For more info, check out the Amazon listing here.


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