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A decade or so ago, a large group of riders with the Upper Canada Cruisers were out on their motorcycles riding in the Bolton/Caledon area just north of Toronto. By all reports, they were riding at or below the speed limit, and in correct staggered formation just a second or so apart. And there were a lot of them. The zig-zag line of bikes went on for some distance.A driver in a car behind the group wanted to overtake the bikes and pulled out to do so, but the line was too long to pass quickly. Another car approached from over a rise and the driver needed to pull back into his lane, but there was no space between the bikes for him to do so. He pulled in anyway to avoid a head-on crash and forced two bikes into the ditch. As best I recall, a rider was killed and a passenger lost a leg.Why am I telling you this? Because as we reported this week, the Quebec provincial police force is asking for some new laws to be passed for motorcycling. [...]

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