WC Distributing announces plans for Lightning


As we told you a few weeks ago, WC Distributing is bringing Brammo electric motorcycles to Canada. Now, they’ve also got plans to bring Lightning electric motorcycles to Canada

Lightning claims their LS-218 is the world’s fastest production motorcycle, with  a 347 kph top speed.  Carlin Dunne piloted one of their race machines at Pikes Peak last year, beating all the competition whether on battery-powered or gas-powered.

WC reckons we’ll see the bikes in Canada on the 2015 show circuit, at least for the western shows.

Meanwhile, if you want to test-ride the Brammo, WC has announced their schedule for the demo rides. You can see the complete schedule at their website; they’re taking the Brammo around Alberta these days, and then they’re going to take it around British Columbia. Riders in eastern Canada will have to wait to ride the bike.

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