Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month And Government Hypocrisy

Gov't orgs tell us it's Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month, but they're covering up—and responsible for—one of the biggest dangers on the road.

Test Rides

Review: 2024 Honda Transalp

The 2024 Honda Transalp is an adventure bike with a strong road bias, but that's not necessarily a bad thing.


Review: New Protective Gear from REV’IT!

Worthy alternatives to traditional equipment that balance style, comfort, and protection

Bell SRT Modular Helmet Review

A modular helmet that doesn’t look like a European hi-vis ping-pong ball and is relatively affordable to boot.

Review: REV’IT! Trench GTX Jacket

I love my leather jacket. It’s old and worn in and fits me well, but there’s no ventilation, it weighs a ton, and when it rains, it becomes a soggy mess. So I started searching for yet another jacket that would meet a few crucial criteria.

Tested! Gryphon Vancouver jacket, Indy pants

Gryphon is a Canadian-based company offering value in sensible riding jackets, pants and other gear.

Sena teams up with Harman Kardon to offer upgraded helmet comms!

Sena 50S now gives you better sound with improved speakers, new algorithms.


Canadian Superbike Race Series Confirms TSN Television Airtimes

With the first race weekend in the books, CSBK organizers have now confirmed race broadcast airtimes for the Pro series.

Bike News

BMW R20 Concept Roadster: A Vision Of The Past Rolled Into The Future

Behold BMW R20 concept roadster, a bike that looks back to look forward.

Buell Is Going Global, Starting With Canada

Buell Motorcycles plans to sell its machines around the world, with an expansion into Canada as the start of the process.

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Special Feature: Along for the ride

Sidecar Harvey is a man on the move.

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