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Gear Review: AGV AX9 Helmet

Light and breathable but not perfect.

Gear Review: Loop Earplugs

Quality reusable ear protection options.

Gear Review: Olympia Dakar 3 Suit

A riding suit for all seasons

Gear Review: Olympia Expedition II Jacket

Has Dean discovered his new go-to riding jacket?

Gear Review: Dainese Todi Slim Jeans

Jeff takes steps to save his own butt.



Even small purchases can make a big difference.


We continue to remember and reflect on the life of Editor 'Arris.


Fancy new look for CMG



What’s the deal with smart helmets?

What exactly is a smart helmet? Who makes them? Why would you want one?

Sena, NUVIZ team up on new smart helmet technology

Could a better smart helmet be just around the corner? With this team-up, that's what we'd expect to see.

New GoPro Hero6 Black has useful upgrades for riders

The new action camera takes smoother, richer footage, and makes it easier for you to share your videos after the ride.

Motorcycle dash cam with live streaming unveiled in China

Now you can broadcast your ride live, as mobile device technology and action camera design meet together.

Could Skully turn into a zombie brand?

Supposedly, Skully has new owners who want to sell you a smart helmet, and this time, they say they'll actually deliver the product.

New hot-rod parts from S&S for Milwaukee Eight engine

You can increase horsepower or go to a gear-driven valvetrain with new parts from aftermarket manufacturer S&S.

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New Monster enters production, new Scrambler coming soon!

New Monster and Monster Plus models will be available in Canadian dealerships in April.

Screening soon! TMFF Cinema announces March’s film: Never Ride Alone

TMFF Cinema only presents a film for a few days at a time, but organizers are working on a video-on-demand service for moto movies that operates year-round.

Starting this fall, Montana will permit motorcycle lane sharing

State Bill 9 allows motorcycles to pass stopped or slow-moving cars at low speeds. It comes into effect on October 1, 2021.


Returning to the land I'd given up just a few years ago in favour of my new home, Canada, I was given a typical English summer greeting of low overcast clouds and a chilly nine degrees Celsius as the plane descended from its sunny domain at 30,000 feet.

Test Ride: BMW R1100S, Part 1

The R1100S is the most powerful and lightest boxer yet, with a claimed maximum output of 98hp at 7,500rpm and a peak torque of 71ft-lbs at 5,750rpm, giving a max top speed of 226 Km/h.

Test Ride: BMW R1100S, Part 2

Okay, so I promised part 2 of the new Beemer write up last week, but I got busy, then I got lazy and then I got drunk. No excuse really but then what ya gonna do anyway? Okay, okay, here's the blurb .

BMW R1150 GS Press Launch

Christmas comes but once a year. So do birthdays, but you can sod 'em both when it comes to a BMW press launch. It's like Christmas, Birthday and the annual vacation all at once, except that it's not freezing, sad or money consuming. It's a lot of fun, comes with all expenses paid and you get to ride a bike to boot.

How to and Making of Motorcycles

How-To: Drag a Knee

Starting small makes for big improvements

How to: Winterize Your Motorcycle

See that snow outside? Time to think about putting the bike away for the year.

How-To: Beginner Tips for Riding Off-Road

Lessons learned from the BMW GS Adventure School

How To: Ride Two-Up

Helpful tips to double your pleasure


Friday Fudge: Pay Now, or Pay More Later

That's one expensive paper plate!

CMG Video Chat: Walt Siegl

Walt Siegl talks past, present and future of WSM.


Makin' buds and building communities.


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Flashback Friday: 2018 Kawasaki Concours 14 ABS Test Ride

The big sport-tourer is getting long in the tooth - does it still have any bite?

Limber up for riding season

Preparation and recovery are key.

New Monster enters production, new Scrambler coming soon!

New Monster and Monster Plus models will be available in Canadian dealerships in April.

Ducati recall

X-Diavel models recalled over weak sidestand assembly.

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