Advertising Information

As a free internet magazine we realize the importance that our advertisers play in keeping the wheels of CMG rolling. We also realize that for some, the internet is still a bit of an unknown entity and as Canada’s online motorcycle magazine we figured that it was up to us to set the standard for Canadian internet motorcycle advertising:

1) Advertiser Reports – know the truth

One of the biggest benefits that the internet has over the world of print is its ability to offer precise feedback to the advertiser on just how their ad campaigns are actually performing – there’s no need to guess anymore.

In order to accomplish this we email out a monthly PDF campaign report, but we compare how your campaign is performing to the overall average and let you know whether we think it’s time to change your campaign to improve your results, or indeed keep running with what is working.

Try getting that kind of feedback/reporting from a print magazine. Actually, try getting any kind of reporting at all!

2) Geotargetting – hit only your target market

Another big benefit of online is its ability to be able to target ads geographically, based on a viewer’s IP address. An IP address is tied to its server’s location and that gives us the option to geotarget your ad to a specific province(s).

This ensures that only readers from that particular province will be able to see your ad. No more wasted advertising of your specials in downtown Vancouver to someone in Newfoundland!

3) Advertising & Information Manuals – all you need to know

To give you everything you need to know about CMG and our advertising options, we’ve put together a couple of very handy manuals;

a) Advertising Manual – Details of different available ad formats, rates, options and specifications. It’s all you need to know if you’re considering advertising on CMG.

b) Information Manual – All the details on CMG with vital stats, info our English and French sites and the three events we produce – The Fundy Adventure Rally, the Mad Bastard Scooter Rally and the Dawn 2 Dusk ride.

4) Contact Us

If you would like an advertiser sales rep to contact you directly or receive our Advertising and Information manuals, please email us.

5) FAQ

How are ads sold on CMG?

We sell almost all* our ads by CPM rate (Cost Per Thousand), which is the standard format for web advertising. If a web magazine tries to sell you advertising by any other format then we would question whether they actually have the readers to be able to sell by CPM!

For example, if an ad sells at the rate of $20 CPM, buying 2,000 impressions per day for a total of 100 days would cost $4,000 (20/1000cpm x 2000imp x 100days) and we would deliver 200,000 impressions over that time period.

How do I know if anyone is actually seeing my ads?

Unlike print, we don’t charge simply for a space in a magazine and leave you wondering how many people will actually see it – the beauty of the CPM system is that you only pay for how many times you want people to see your ad (impressions)!

Oh, and since you buy a slot, you get to put as many different ads into that slot as you want.

How do I track how many people have seen the ad and have actually clicked on it?

All CMG advertisers get a monthly report, which enables them to see the number of impressions delivered and Click Through Rate (CTR) achieved.

How do I decide which ad formats to buy and how much I should spend?

You decide your budget and how long you’d like your campaign to be seen and we suggest the best ad formats and how many daily impressions we think you should have.

Obviously it’s up to you how you want to do the final breakdown, but it’s not in our interest to suggest a campaign that we don’t think will work well as we’re all about repeat business – besides, with your Advertiser Report you’ll be able to see exactly how your ads are fairing anyway.

Please note that we do have minimum daily impressions for each ad format (to ensure that your ad will be seen sufficiently) as well as maximums to ensure that impressions are not wasted.

Do you offer any discounts?

We offer discounts for 12 month and 6 month + campaigns, as well as for renewing an existing campaign.

* The only exception to this is the permanent homepage button ad which always appears at the top of the homepage and so the number of impressions will vary depending on how many log onto the homepage