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Sonic’s Workshop: CB400F

Have you ever had one of those days? If you have, then you’d know what kind of a month it’s been.

My flame adorned purple VW Fox, (the eyesore of Ajax) dumped all its rad fluid whilst on the way to the fix-it shop to check why I couldn’t get the temperature gauge to function. Needless to say without coolant or any way to monitor the engines temperature I didn’t realize there was a problem until #3 piston parted company with its connecting rod.

Test Ride: BMW R1100R, R1100S

Ideally we should have got them all and done a “Boxer Blowout Super Comparo Battle of the Titans Bollocks” type of test. But that would involve actual organisation and planning – two attributes that we simply haven’t yet perfected … or more accurately, even understood. For now, enough of the rambling intros, let’s get down to the R1100S versus the R1100R.