Multistrada 1200S recall


Experiencing stalling issues? Get it fixed.

Recall #: 2011005 (Ducati Safety Recall# RCL-10-004)

Models Involved: 2010 Multistrada 1200S

Number of Vehicles: 131

Problem: Certain motorcycles may stall when downshifted or maneuvered with the clutch disengaged and the engine at idle, increasing the risk of crash.

Correction: Dealers will re-flash the ECU.


  1. A friend has one and loves it. His has the Ohlins programmable adjust-on-the-fly suspension. A very capable bike, which he calls ‘Muttly.’

  2. A buddy of mine has one and he describes it as magical. Adn I don’t doubt him. I just wish they’d do something about the front fender/snout thing.

  3. I thought this recall was going to be for the MultiStrada exceeding the ugliness quota for all Italian machines designed in the past 3 years combined.

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