Erik Buell and BRP


The EBR 1190 Typhon shows where the company is going. Sadly you’ll just have to imagine a Can-Am logo on it for now.

Sorry, Buell fans – it doesn’t look like Erik Buell is moving to work with Can-Am any time soon.

When Harley-Davidson dumped their Buell Motorcycles division last winter, Internet rumours swirled that Canadian firm Bombardier Recreational Products (BRP) — who build the Spyder three wheeler under the Can-Am badge — was interested in purchasing the company. Thus taking their Can-Am lineup from its current 93-pound weakling status and turn it into a major contender with a broad range of bikes.

When that didn’t happen, the hopefuls still suggested Erik Buell would sign on with BRP to develop a new line of motorcycles after Eric Buell Racing was forced to change its name as of the start of this month.

Unfortunately, motorcyclists wishing for a dynamic new bike lineup from the Canadian company are going to have to keep on waiting.

CMG called the man himself and Buell told us that he’s still planning to build his own bikes under a different name, but that there’s nothing new in the works with BRP, although he plans to continue using their Rotax engines in his bikes.

"I like them a lot, I enjoyed working with them when I was with Buell," he says. "I wish there was some sort of exciting new news, but there’s nothing that I can add."


  1. “The bike pictured is misnamed in the caption. It’s “Typhon”, not “Typhoon”. Typhon is a Greek god.”

    They could have simply called it the Buell Ugliness Personnified.

  2. The bike pictured is misnamed in the caption. It’s “Typhon”, not “Typhoon”. Typhon is a Greek god. Typhoon is bad weather. Easy mistake though, I missed it the first time as well… Buell does have a history of using weather events for names.

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