Sachs MadAss 125 – updated with price


Get your funk on with the MadAss 125.

Ottawa-based Chironex Motorsports, which offers a line of scooters from
50 to 250 cc, has struck a deal with German motorcycle manufacturer
Sachs to import the funky MadAss 125.

The MadAss kind of blurs the line between motorcycle, scooter and moped, but it looks super-cool.

Unique styling features include a large-diameter tube frame that also
serves as a five-litre fuel tank, a banana style swingarm, under-seat exhaust,
tandem projector headlights and, well, stripped-bike nakedness. 

It’s powered by an air-cooled 120 cc four-stroke single with a four-speed semi-auto gearbox that shifts via a traditional foot lever.

Wheels are 16-inch and claimed dry weight is a paltry 95 kg (209 lb). It should be available by springtime, pricing has not yet been released.


Chironex has announced the MSRP of the MadAss 125. Retail is $3,499 and
it will be available in four colours: Magnolia (white), Gunmetal (grey),
Charcoal (black) and Madder (red).



  1. Actually Sachs has nothing to do with this besides the name and original design. They got out of the biz a while ago and the only MadAss that was produced and made in Germany was the very first year model. The Canadian distributor made a deal with the Chinese manufacturer not Sachs.

  2. amg had imported the 50cc versions a few years back,,i have one and i have to say what fun it is to ride,now that the 125cc is finally coming top canada parts should be easy to get and upgrade will also be easy to put together

  3. Why is this bike not around the $2399 it costs in the U.S.? Dealers there even have free shipping to your home included in the cost? Having said that I still will get one but may drive to the US to pick it up.


  4. I met a fella on one of those in the summer (in toronto). It was wild, and I thought it was really cool.

    I couldn’t help but ponder how easy it could be to put a motorcross engine in that frame.

  5. That looks like a pretty cool little machine. It’s totally lacking in the practical built-in luggage carrying ability that scooter buyers seem to desire, though – not even a luggage rack. Be fun to nip around the city on, though.

  6. I remember seeing those in Guatemala! They do actually look pretty cool in an odd way,. That’s a big engine for something with such a minimal structure. :grin
    That’s hilarious that they are keeping the name, it sounds like something they’d put into Grand Theft Auto. I figured they’d rebrand it for the North American market. I don’t imagine Honda will be importing their “Unicorn” or “V-Men” cruiser anytime soon…

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