Triumph denies 125cc


We’re assuming the rumoured new 125cc bike would feature slightly more contemporary styling than Triumph’s original starter bike.

It can be tough to know who to believe in the case of Triumph’s rumoured new 125cc motorcycle that has apparently been sighted undergoing testing in Spain and England, according to Britain’s Visordown magazine.

Exciting, yes? But a quick call to Triumph’s headquarters in Hinckley put a damper on the fun, when an unnamed media representative flat-out denied that Triumph is working on any such project, telling CMG that "Where these rumour mill things start, I’ve got no idea."

Of course such rumours normally start straight from the factories themselves, so it’s still worth keeping an ear to the ground on this story, especially since a 125cc bike would round out Triumph’s lineup nicely, and also give Honda’s CBR125 and the new KTM Duke 125 a run for their money.


  1. mxs, I highly doubt that Triumph is working on a 125cc retro machine. I imagine that if they indeed are designing a small displacement bike it will be a naked or sport bike aimed at the learner market, that looks nothing like the Cub in the picture.

  2. If they build a retro style 125 or 200 cc bike that is priced right. Sign me up. Even better if I can slap some knobbies on and have some dirt fun.
    I need a small bike to comute on and this would fit the bill. Sub $3.5k

  3. [b]quote[/b]
    and also give Honda’s CBR125 and the new KTM Duke 125 a run for their money.

    These bikes are so different in look and intended age target that neither Honda nor KTM need to be concerned. It’s like saying that Suzuki TU250 will put a dent into CBR250 sales …. it will never happen.

  4. Bring it on Triumph! At least a retro-styled 350-400cc parallel twin or Thumper … a model like that would give Triumph a real leg into the smaller displacement and “entry” Bike market and would send the Big-4 scrambling!

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