Harley-Davidson Pan America ADV Bike Gets The CVO Treatment

pan america cvo
Harley-Davidson's new Pan America CVO model is designed to be practical first, pretty second. PHOTO CREDIT: Harley-Davidson

When you think of Harley-Davidson’s Custom Vehicle Operations (CVO) lineup, you think of blinged-out cruisers with lots of flashy trim and a muscled-up engine. This week, Harley-Davidson did indeed release the CVO Road Glide ST which follows that exact formula, with the new Milwaukee Eight 121 HO V-twin, performance suspension and an exterior makeover… but it also announced a CVO version of the Pan America ADV bike.

PHOTO CREDIT: Harley-Davidson

The Pan-Am is a major outlier in the H-D lineup. It’s the first, and only, modern adventure bike that the MoCo has ever sold, and it’s marketed on capability, not flash. Joan Pedrero Garcia just finished the Africa Eco Race on a Pan America, so the marketing-speak isn’t just BS. This bike is indeed capable—so how would Harley fit it into the iconic CVO lineup?

PHOTO CREDIT: Harley-Davidson

As it turns out, H-D didn’t mess with the motor or add chrome. Here’s what Harley’s PR said:

All of the features that have made the Pan America 1250 Special model a leading choice among discerning global Adventure Touring riders are retained, including the smooth-and-powerful Revolution Max 1250 engine, semi-active front and rear suspension, touch screen display, selectable ride modes, and Daymaker Adaptive Headlamp technology. The CVO Pan America model is outfitted with a host of rugged accessories selected to enhance the journey, including Adaptive Ride Height suspension, rugged aluminum top and side cases, a Screamin’ Eagle quickshifter, tubeless laced wheels, auxiliary LED forward lighting, an aluminum skid plate, providing excellent value to the adventure rider who wants it all and more.

So basically, this is the same as the 2024 Special model (the only Pan-Am sold in Canada this year), but with a bunch of practical accessories bolted up. Most riders are going to add panniers, a skid plate, etc. anyway. This is a chance to buy the bike pre-assembled with an MSRP starting at $34,599 (see the website here). The Pan America Special model costs $24,999 in 2024, so this is certainly a major price hike for the privilege of exclusivity.

PHOTO CREDIT: Harley-Davidson

Color choices? A bold red, with a #1 graphic. That paint is also applied to the crash bars and frame and accents on the bike elsewhere. No doubt there will be other choices in the years to come.

All in all, an expensive machine, but it’s good to see Harley-Davidson focus on practical features like “leaning” headlights, a quickshifter and sturdy luggage (rebadged SW-Motech bags, it appears), rather than only adding exterior flash, or power that can’t really be used off-pavement.


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