New Touring, Rental Opportunities Around The World With Royal Enfield

PHOTO CREDIT: Royal Enfield

Royal Enfield continues its aggressive growth around the world with a new global bike rental program as well as new opportunities for organized, guided tours.

Over the past little while, Royal Enfield has run these sort of programs out of India, where the modern-day version of the company is based. The idea is, Royal Enfield vets a private business offering rentals or tours and facilitates your connection with them. They serve as a sort of middleman, making it easier to tell if an overseas rental or touring operation is legit, and also making payment plans easier.

Now, they’re taking that program worldwide, with opportunities to rent or tour with Royal Enfield partners in more than 50 cities. Some of these cities offer multiple touring options, too; Royal Enfield says there are 60-plus different tours you can take through their partners now.

Many of these tours as well as the rentals are available in India, which makes sense; for years, Royal Enfield has been the go-to machine for touring there, particularly in the mountainous regions. But many are also in other popular tourist destinations in Europe, markets that were traditionally served by expensive brands like BMW or Harley-Davidson. Yamaha Motor Europe also offered a similar program across the pond. Royal Enfield’s pricing for its tours and rentals seems aimed at undercutting at least some of the competition.

PHOTO CREDIT: Royal Enfield

Royal Enfield’s program also covers countries like Peru that have often been adventure riding destinations. A fly-and-ride saves you a lot of time over the traditional long-haul down from Canada, and now you can rent an easily-rideable (and probably more easily-affordable) machine.

For more information and a list of destinations available, see the Rental page here and the Tours page here. The Rental page lists what bikes are available for each location; while not every location has every Royal Enfield, you can generally find what you want with a bit of searching around.

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