Snow and studs: The highs and lows of winter riding

Back by popular demand, here’s one of the most enjoyable winter riding stories we ever did—Ed.

Most of us park our bikes in winter, but not all.

In the past few years, there have been some high-profile winter riding adventures in Canada. Oliver Solaro‘s KLR-mounted expeditions along the ice roads have drawn international attention, particularly due to the short film A.K.A. Brokentooth which shared his adventures at last year’s Toronto Motorcycle Film Festival. Ed March and Rachel Lasham filmed their adventures riding Honda C90s across Canada in the winter of 2015, writing about their adventures in CMG. And even further back, Paul Mondor decided he was going to ride across Canada mid-winter on a BMW, then took the adventure even further to Labrador in following years. He’s shared his story in two books.

These guys are nuts, right? We’ve spoken with all three, so decide for yourself.

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