Watch Ricky Carmichael Flog Triumph’s New Motocross Bike

Triumph is playing its cards very close to its vest on this new motocross project, with no specs revealed yet—and the bike’s launch should be only a few weeks away. But to keep the fans intrigued, we got a new peek at the 250 MX machine this week, with the GOAT behind the handlebars.

By GOAT, we mean the Greatest Of All Time, aka Ricky Carmichael. The American pro MX star has been working with Triumph for months, dialing in their new motocross project, and from what we can see above, it looks like he’s very confident in his work!

Again, we don’t really get any solid info in the video, just as previous releases (see the engine here) told us very little. The only real interesting technical detail is a peek at the left handlebar around the 1:35 mark, where we see a button array. What sort of electronic trickery and engine modes might Triumph be programming into this machine? Stay tuned for more details when we get ’em!

Otherwise: Triumph says it will race this bike in both the European MXGP series and the global SuperMotoCross championship in 2024. Well, we’re getting pretty close to Go Time for those events; Triumph has the riders and teams all lined up, and has been working on this project for years now. Hopefully, we will see it all come together in a public release very soon—and hopefully that will mean a bit more competition in the European motocross scene, which has basically been dominated by KTM and its sister companies for years.

Still, even if this 250 races around the world next year, we do not expect that means we will get Triumph MX bikes in Canada as ’24 models—maybe sometime in 2025.

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