Now On Kickstarter: Navicam Offers Front, Rear Dashcams, And Android Auto/Apple CarPlay

Credit: Navicam

Do you have an older motorcycle, but you want newer features such as a colour LCD dash with integrated sat-nav? You’re not the only one, and a new Kickstarter campaign is running to fund an aftermarket device that can give almost any motorcycle a big dose of useful tech.

The device is called the Navicam CL876. It combines a 6.86-inch screen (1000-lumen brightness; auto-darken function; 1280x480p resolution) with connectivity to mobile devices and optional dash cams. It is IP65-rated for weatherproofing.

The screen itself is perhaps more oblong than most of the current TFT screens installed by manufacturers. Chances are that’s a design feature, to make it more easily compatible with a wide range of motorcycle handlebars, windscreens and controls. The Navicam CL876 is made to connect to RAM-style mounts, and this shape should allow riders to connect to their handlebars, steering stem or elsewhere on the bike while still leaving real estate to keep an eye on their motorcycle’s OEM gauges.

Once in place, the Navicam CL876 syncs to your phone and helmet comm via Bluetooth, and can offer either Android Auto or Apple CarPlay functionality, so you can get turn-by-turn navigation, control music, or otherwise use these limited mobile interfaces. The Navicam CL876 also supports wired communication with a 1080p/60fps dashcam on the front and back of the bike. A wireless tire pressure monitoring system is also optional.

Sounds as if there’s lots to like here, so what’s the catch? The catch is that this is a Kickstarter fundraiser project, which doesn’t necessarily guarantee you’ll see production. But currently, if you back the project, the Navicam’s sellers say they offer discounts on all the versions of this gadget, from the basic no-cam, no-TPMS screen ($269 US) to the tricked out two-cam, two-TPMS model ($339). For more details, check out the Kickstarter website here—it looks like something a lot of CMGers would be interested, if it does indeed come to market with sturdy construction and affordable price tag.


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