Triumph Video Teases New MX Engine…

Triumph has released a video teasing its new motocross engine, but alas, it doesn’t really tell us anything at all about the new powerplant.

See the video above. We get Triumph’s technical intelligentsia, not to mention a whole host of former race insiders, showing the engine undergoing R&D. However, they don’t even bother to tell us if this is the 250 model that’s coming soon, the 450, or something else entirely (for our money, we expect it’s a 250).

What about horsepower, torque? No details. Triumph’s motocross ambassador Ricky Carmichael says “This engine has its own identity and I think one of the best things about it is the way that it’s designed and developed, which enables riders with a very wide range of abilities to be able to ride the bike. It’s light and compact and the power delivery is great for all forms of riders.”

No surprise there, either; he’s not going to say it’s an unrideable bomb and the other guys in the video more-or-less say the same thing. Expect a wide torque band, lots of usable low-end power.

At least we can see the engine appears to be well underway development, and we know the new aluminum frame is also well into R&D, thanks to a video Triumph released a couple of weeks back.

But we still have no official release date for the new off-road bike or bikes, only a promise that more is to come. At least we do know that Triumph plans to race in upcoming MX championships this fall and winter, so we do expect to see the new machines before many more months go by.

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