Report: Honda ADV150 coming to North America

Those relentless sleuths at have uncovered another juicy tidbit: The Honda ADV150 has been approved by the California Air Resources Board for usage in that market.

Does this mean we’re finally going to get an adventure scooter in North America? Maybe even in Canada? It seems so. We’re still waiting for the Honda Super Cub and CT125 Trail Cub and XL-ADV, but maybe this could be the magic machine that makes it in.

Frankly, the scooter scene is looking worse and worse in our country all the time, as the Chinese supply has been greatly reduced, the Japanese seem to have lost interest, and the others (Kymco, etc.) are facing their own challenges due to restrictions in their home markets (emissions regs) or problems here with importation. The ADV150 could be the encouraging kick in the pants that the scene needs.

Unveiled mid-year 2019, the ADV150 is basically an adventurized take on the PCX150. Styling is similar to the XL-ADV, and it’s got a bit more ground clearance than the average step-through. It should be a fairly practical choice for many riders in developing countries, where scooters are taken everywhere.


  1. Awesome, finally something for everyone. A little adventure with practicality, fuel efficiency and great looks. Kudos to Honda for showing some innovation and vision on what a scooter can be. Bring it on.

  2. Another useless scooter for a non-existent market! These contraptions are aimed at American buyers who are too afraid to use flat-floor scooters like the rest of the world uses. These lazy marketing geniuses are trying to force Canadians into buying this American “adventure” junk.

  3. Well i have been asking for one. Of course it isn’t a big market here but since Yamaha as been selling their BWs for quite a while there might be a place for it on the market.With an additional 6.5hp over the Yamaha and less budget oriented components the ADV 150 does have some advantages. And despite its engine capacity the ADV 150 isn’t aimed at the same market as the CT and Monkey so i believe that Honda could sell all of these options.

  4. ADV? I volunteer to ride it to South America and record the whole trip and upload it to YouTube. Seeking sponsorship. Honda call me.

      • I did that on a few occasions and got the standard form letter response: ” Thank you for your interest but we have no official plans to introduce that model to the Canadian market in the foreseeable future” .

        I do see a comment that deposits are being accepted and the Monkey is coming next year.
        Can anyone confirm that ( as the Honda site stills shows nothing)?

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