Marc Marquez signs for Honda through 2024

Marc Marquez has been the favourite to win the GP crown for over half a decade, and so far, he's still the top-rated rider this year. Photo: Facebook

The “Where’s-Marc-Marquez-going-at-end-of-2020” question has been settled: “He’s going nowhere!

Marquez is currently the winningest rider in MotoGP and well on his way to the all-time top of the leaderboard in most categories. He turned 27 this week, and celebrated by signing a mega contract with the Repsol Honda factory team, where he’s been racing ever since he entered the MotoGP main series in 2013. Now, he’s got a secure gig all the way through the end of 2024.

Marquez handily won the 2019 championship, his fourth in a row and his sixth in MotoGP’s premiere series, but the immediate future is looking a bit shaky for the champ. His shoulder has been bashed to bits by a series of crashes, and recovery from off-season surgery is turning out to be more complicated than expected. Marquez is now possibly looking at difficulties in the first couple of races for 2020, maybe even having to miss them.

But, at least he’s got his contract settled for the foreseeable future. There was considerable speculation that Marquez wouldn’t re-up until the end of 2020, when his brother and teammate sees his contract run out. Who knows how that whole drama situation will play out now? Stay tuned.


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