Carbon-fibre BMW HP4 Race could debut soon

The BMW HP4 Race hyperbike, complete with carbon-fibre chassis, could be about to debut, according to guesswork from magazines like Asphalt & Rubber.

The Internet rumours started to float around after a BMW press release promised the “world premiere of one of the most exclusive models ever offered by BMW Motorrad” at the Auto Shanghai 2017 show, which starts in less than two weeks (open to public April 21-28).

What bike could the BMW marketeers be promoting? The only high-end BMW motorcycle we’re anticipating in the near future is the HP4 Race sportbike, as unveiled at the 2016 EICMA show.

Calling the HP4 Race a sportbike is a bit of an understatement, as this machine we saw at last fall’s show was the most aggressive machine ever built by the German manufacturer. The biggest talking point was its carbon-fibre construction; like Ducati’s new Superleggara, the HP4 Race has a carbon-fibre chassis, as well as carbon-fibre rims and bodywork. Some versions seen had carbon-fibre swingarm as well, but other photos showed an aluminum swingarm.

Presumably, the rest of the motorcycle (suspension, engine, electronic rider aids) will also be upgraded.

BMW said the bike would be released in limited numbers, but did not indicate whether the machine would make it to racetrack use, or if the model is destined to become a rich man’s toy, despite its capabilities. There’s plenty of market for pricey playthings, and this appears to be a burgeoning market for all the motorcycle\ manufacturers to look into, with upscale models of superbikes now the norm.

When he unveiled the bike at EICMA, BMW Motorrad president Stephan Schaller promised “We will reveal more about this model next spring.” Looking at the CMG calendar, we can see that spring has indeed arrived, even if it might not look like it everywhere in Canada.

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