Ducati 1299 Superleggara photos hit the interwebz

Although the EICMA show hasn’t officially kicked off yet, we know what the Ducati 1299  Superleggara looks like, thanks to the Internet.

Ducati’s latest supersport will officially debut later today, but people involved with the project already leaked photos of the machine. We found them after they worked their way over to Asphalt & Rubber.

These bikes might be made in small quantities, but they will require big money to buy. Only 500 machines will be made, says Ducati, but those bikes will command prices over $100,000 CAD.

But, that’s to be expected when your machine combines a highly-tuned engine (215 hp, allegedly) with a pile of carbon-fibre parts (frame, swingarm, wheels) to keep weight down to 215 kg (dry). This motorcycle will be the kind of weapon that’s rarely available to the public as a production vehicle, even to the buyers with plenty of coin.

More details will be available later on today at Ducati’s official launch, but for now, if you want more photos (and it’s a pretty bike to look at!), head over to Asphalt & Rubber.


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