EICMA: New BMW hyperbike

BMW just revealed the S1000 H4 Race at EICMA: It’s “the most exclusive BMW motorcycle of all time,” apparently.

There are few details so far but check back here. For now, we know there’s a lot of carbon fibre in the bike – like, a lot. Wheels, twin-spar frame, swingarm, fairing – you name it. It’s clearly competition for the just-announced Ducati Superlegerra and other homologation specials.

According to BMW Motorrad president Stephan Schaller: “The HP4 Race will feature the full carbon fibre main frame and carbon fibre rims as shown here. We will reveal more about this model next spring.”

BMW’s expertise with carbon fibre is well known, and we just saw a future concept made almost entirely of carbon fibre, so it’s no surprise the bike will be as light as possible. There are no details of the engine yet, though – BMW might not even know them itself at this early point.

BMW confirms that the BMW HP4 Race will be manufactured by hand in an exclusive limited series and supplied in the second half of 2017. Whether it’s just a track bike or will be available as a road-going model is not clear.



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