Want a modern R90S? Wunderlich helps out

Was there ever an airhead that looked better than the original R90S? Probably not, and that’s why aftermarket manufacturer Wunderlich has created a bikini fairing for the R nineT that emulates the classic Beemer’s lines.

Of course, buyers will also be happy with the added wind protection as well, but the fairing’s major selling points are its classy looks and its ease of installation. It even comes with pinstriping that matches the R nineT’s stock paint job, and installs without any modifications to the bike’s indicators.

It isn’t cheap – it costs €449 across the pond, which works out to about $640 CAD. It’s even more expensive in the US – $798 USD for the standard silver version, and $878 for the black-painted version. Now, if someone would just get around to making a fairing that emulated the Suzuki Wes Cooley replica GS1000S, all would be well with the world.


    • Nice. The GS1000S was a seriously sweet bike in its day. If I had the garage space and the money I’d find one. Sadly, I say that far too often …

    • Carl, I’ve actually checked those out with the idea of putting one on the long-dormant CMG 7/11 project, but I don’t think they come with the glass for the fairing, just the plastic.

  1. “Was there ever an airhead that looked better ”

    I thought Bo Derek was pretty hot in her day, and she’s supposedly not too bright.

    Loved the old S model BMW, and I thought the R100cs were attractive too.

    • I have wanted an R90S ever since I first saw one in the parking lot behind the Sears store in Moncton in summer of 2007. There it sat, in all its slightly weathered glory, that burnt orange paint slowly fading into the silver airbrushed tank … sigh …

      Of course, I must confess, I was also stricken by moto-lust when I saw my first Suzuki GS500, so I might not be the best indicator of what’s a classic bike, and what’s not.

  2. I have one of those on my R1200R. It’s beautifully made, I think it looks great, and amazingly it actually works extremely well at moving air around you in spite of its small size. Expensive. Fcking right, best part of a grand, but you know, sometimes you really DO get what you paid for. Don’t regret a penny — I mean a nickel — of it.

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