New Cardo Packtalk Edge promises more clarity, convenience, better connection

The new Packtalk Edge is the most-advanced comm from Cardo yet, with second-generation mesh network technology. Photo: Cardo

Cardo has taken the wraps off its latest-generation comm unit, the new Packtalk Edge, with promises of an easier mounting and improved second-generation mesh technology.

The mesh technology is the key to most of the promised improvements on the Packtalk Edge. Cardo says it gives “unparalleled deep wideband sound quality, a simpler and faster grouping process in DMC mode, faster pairing in Bluetooth mode, and Live Intercom Bluetooth support.” That’s right, Bluetooth support is still here, with a new Bluetooth 5.2 chip allowing the Packtalk Edge to connect to any other Bluetooth-enabled comm set, and it should work better than ever.

However, it’s the updated mesh technology and improved Natural Voice Operation (vox-activated commands) that most users will notice. It’s supposed to allow 15 riders to connect at the same time, over distances of up to 1.6 km under ideal conditions. The system has three new sound profiles that allow for better quality and noise cancellation, and there’s also a new microphone working with re-designed JBL speakers to show off that improved call quality.

Cardo’s new Packtalk Edge is currently available for pre-order off the company’s website. Photo: Cardo

Cardo says the new comm has 13-hour battery life, and if you run your battery down, you can plug the Packtalk Edge in for 20 minutes to get two more hours of ride time. The USB-C fast-charging system fully juices the unit after 1.5-2 hours on the charger.

However, you do not need to use that cable to update the Packtalk Edge firmware, as it gets over-the-air software updates through the Cardo Connect App. This is a very useful feature, as it means you don’t have to be at your computer to update the firmware, which could be a problem if you were away from home on the bike.

Another cool new feature: The Packtalk Edge also comes with a magnetic mount. This could be a better long-term solution than old click-in mounts, which can break, making your comm useless.

Cardo says the new Packtalk Edge has a $389 US MSRP for a single unit, $699 US for a duo, with availability in late April at retailers, or you can pre-order directly from Cardo now.



  1. I was on a trip and my communicator died so I bought one of these as that was all they had. Not impressed. First- WHY CAN’T THESE THINGS HAVE MORE VOLUME? Its been the criticism of all the system since the very first one and it’s still my number one criticism. JBL my ass, ITS NOT LOUD ENOUGH! ahemmm Next, my wife and I seem to have to hit the 4 buttons 7 different ways in order to get them to connect. Waaaay to complicated. I’ll admit that I ended up with more system than I wanted because of lack of choice but it’s still not very user friendly. Next great app …. except it needs to be connected to the system to access the instruction manual. Why???? Oh and the printed instructions had mistakes. Once it’s on, running and connected it works about as well as any other system I’ve used, mesh-smesh whatever.

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