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Hells Litigators

Pity the poor outlaw biker. It’s a tough life, continually looking over your shoulder to see if enemy gangs are about to blow up your clubhouse. It’s even worse when you have to worry about the federal government using explosives on your base of operations.

That’s why the Hells Angels (or rather, one of their club members) are now suing the US federal government. The suit dates back to a 2011 incident, when the feds decided to raid an HA clubhouse in San Diego County, California. According to this story in Vice, they decided to blow in the doors to enter, instead of asking the building’s owner. Instead of a crew of bloodthirsty fiends inside, they found a dog.

Now, the building owner is suing the feds, as he isn’t happy that they didn’t call him and ask for a key to get in. Of course, if their suspicions were correct, that would have given the Angels a chance to get rid of the allegedly criminal activities they were supposedly hiding in the building. Still, we can understand the guy’s point – nobody wants to have their doors blown off. But if they don’t like having their doors blown off, maybe the HA should get around to riding sportbikes, instead of Harley dressers. Snap!

Horsing around

Ah, the hooligan life – burnouts, gratuitous speeding, wheelies in a slow zone – until a cop on a horse stops it all and gives you a tongue-lashing. Apparently, you only need a single hp to put an end to that sort of behaviour.

Book sale

Mark Gardiner: He’s an accomplished moto-writer who once actually worked out of the same Sackville office building that now headquarters CMG. Now he’s a marketing guru in the US. How the might have fallen … Anyway, Gardiner’s offering a Christmas discount on his books, with a new guerrilla marketing campaign. At least, that’s the polite name for it.

Destroy all hipsters

You know the hipster bike video phenomenon has gone too far when the backlash results in a Vimeo bit entitled Destroy All Hipsters, which ironically, looks like it was filmed by a hipster. The only real difference is the lack of indie acoustic guitar music, replaced by some butt rock soundtrack.


  1. Regarding Destroy All Hipsters…I am writing Shane “The Babymaker” Green for a refund of the 4+ minutes I wasted watching his video.

    • Feel free to add me as a co-signer of your letter. I thought it was pretty ironic that he was raging against hipsters, then drove a vintage bike around in circles for a few mins while dressed like one of his aforementioned bugbears, and accomplished absolutely nothing.

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