Honda releases CB125F

For some strange reason, Honda has decided to announce an updated version of their CB125F after the EICMA and Intermot shows are done and gone.

The usual Japanese pattern for a naked bike is to just take a sport bike, peel off the fairings and offer it to the public at a few hundred bucks less than the fully-plasticized predecessor. That’s not what the new CB125F is, though – that’s a new air-cooled motor, not the liquid-cooled mill that powers the CBR125. The frame (steel, to keep costs down) is also all-new.

The machine rolls on 18-inch wheels now (previous version had 17-inchers). It has programmable EFI, and has a visual redesign that supposedly makes it look more muscular. Alas, those muscles have the strength of rubber bands – that motor isn’t a firebreather, by any means. At least curb weight is low, at 128 kg.

The front shocks are standard 120 mm units; the rear suspension is a dual-shock setup, with five preload adjustments.

Will the CB125F make it to Canada? The previous version didn’t come here, and we already have two Honda 125s … so we doubt it.


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  1. A contemporary designer’s cheesy flavour of the “muscular” with many small needless fantastic-plastic panels to hide the new metal. From the engineering dept; 18″ wheels, new frame, and a new motor. Man, just think what it could’ve looked like………. sigh. Makes an early 70’s CB100 look freakin’ awesome. This must be another fine example of product placement.

    • The plastic-fantastic look is designers’ way of hiding the cheapness, as far as I can tell. But it doesn’t fool anyone in the know.

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