AGV Introduces Pista GP RR Futuro

Finding the right helmet often comes down to comfort, visibility, weight, and protection. AGV has announced that the Pista GP RR Futuro is now available in North America. A limited-edition version of the original Pista GP RR designed for MotoGP, the Futuro is built with a brand-new shell and spoiler comprised of forged carbon construction.

Using an innovative process that utilizes the overlapping of chopped layers to increase the level of energy absorption, the helmet achieves higher density than helmets of the same weight. Fibres are oriented entirely randomly, so each Futuro will have a matte finished pattern unique to itself.

Receiving FIM homologation, it has been certified with the highest possible level of protection. Wind tunnel tested for aerodynamics and stability at speed, AGV says the 0.00145 kg helmet is effortless to wear. The 360-degree Adaptive Fit system allows for complete customization of the interior, and customizable comfort and thickness for the upper part of the head, nape, and cheeks. The helmet comes hydration ready.

At 5 mm thick, optical class 1 visor protects and allows 190-degree horizontal field of view 85-degree vertical field of view. Metal air vents ensure stability and strength. Pricing starts at $2,299.99.


  1. Forged carbon,huh ? The kiddies ought to buy into that hype. Twenty three hundred clams….ya’ll be
    real careful and keep an eye on it at the coffee bar/bistro biker lifestyle hangout.

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