Kawasaki H2: Listen to the motor

Kawasaki started their marketing campaign for the new H2 bike (promised to be “groundbreaking”) earlier this week, with just a few promises. Now they’ve given us a listen to the new motor to get us excited.

Listen to the audio clip below, and you’ll know as much about it as we do. Much internet speculation suggests that’s the sound of a supercharged bike, or perhaps a turbocharged motor, with those chirping sounds supposed to be some sort of blow-off valve. But for now, that’s just speculation.

Who’s to say? We’ll know for sure when it’s unveiled, but we do know that Kawasaki, along with other Japanese motorcycle manufacturers are working hard on this sort technology.

Several bikes with turbo or supercharger technology were unveiled last year at the Tokyo Motor Show, and surely some of that technology is going to hit the market sooner or later.


  1. Sounds like a triple at startup with likely some form of supercharging or turbo. The triple would make sense given the H2 reference to the bike’s name except with a 4 stroke engine this time around.

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