Sturgis Canada: Another year, another controversy

Once again, the Sturgis Canada festival has ended in controversy.

The B.C.-based event has been surrounded by complaints since its origin as Sturgis North back in 2011, when Salmon Arm residents tried to get it canceled in its original location. In 2012, the event (billed as a motorcycle festival, but with a big emphasis on live music) moved close to Vernon, B.C., after complaints over non-payment of debts in Salmon Arm. Things didn’t go so well in Vernon, either, and in 2013, the rally was canceled.

Now, the 2014 rally is over, with an early ending. According to an article in the Salmon Arm Observer, the rally ended early when none of the musical acts booked for Sunday performed. Supposedly, police roadblocks and sound checks were also a huge deterrent to visitors, as well as weather (Thursday and Friday, apparently, were a bit too rainy for the chromosexuals).

According to one man who helped manage the event, police actually  impounded 50 bikes over the weekend, and Saturday’s musical headliner Burton Cummings was stopped three times at roadblocks on his way to perform. The RCMP disputes these claims, the article says.

There’s a lot more worth reading in the Observer’s piece, so we suggest you read it. The question we’re left with after going over it is – with yet another Sturgis North/Sturgis Canada event ending in confusion, will it re-surface once more next year?


  1. Salmon Armpit and the Mounties don’t realize that bikers spend big money. Sturgis Sourh Dakota is a city of riders. It even says that on their police cars. I love riding in Canada and Yes, Canadians are friendly but they don’t hold a candle to the folk in South Dakota. It’s really sad that we only have one real rally here and its Friday the 13th. A one day rally that is a total joke when compared to the real Sturgis rally. Hats off to the people that tried host this Rally in Canada.
    In the past, the Sturgis SD rally attracted the 1% ers. Now they cater to the 99% ers and 90% of the local economic income comes in three weeks.
    Is there a town in Ontario, that would like to make all thier fiscal operating money in three weeks and take the rest of the year off?

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