Ducati confirms Scrambler project

It's always tease, tease tease with Ducati's Scrambler, but we'll finally see it this fall.

We’ve had a couple sightings of the Ducati Scrambler already, but now we know it’s a go, with the company confirming they’re building the machine.

Today, Ducati announced they’re planning to release the Scrambler in 2015, and that they’ve put together a website documenting the ongoing project (check it out at ScramblerDucati.com). They’ve even given their employees a sneak peek at the project.

The company says they’ll unveil the bike this fall (we’re guessing we’ll see it around EICMA). It’s supposed to be a modern interpretation of the company’s original Scrambler from the ’60s and ’70s. Their press release says the machine will “represent the perfect combination of the traditional and contemporary, while returning to the pure essence of motorcycling – two wheels, wide handlebars, a simple engine and a lot of fun.” Maybe we’ll see another air-cooled Ducati? We’re guessing pollution controls mean no, but it’s possible.

Ducati released two official teaser shots; the first shows employees lined up, waiting to catch a glimpse of the machine in a container (they weren’t allowed to take smartphone snaps, either). The second shows the bike from the front, seemingly hinting the Scrambler has an LED headlight and a massive speedometer … and that’s about it.

born in 1962 from Scrambler Ducati on Vimeo.


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  1. The video gets you excited about light-weight, air-cooled singles with spoked wheels riding on the beach. Sadly, the silhouette of the new machine (if you are lucky enough to pause at the right frame around 29 seconds) shows that it is a pretty big L-twin with cast wheels. It’s just another Monster with a re-shaped gas tank and wider bars… and maybe some bold new graphics. I hope I’m wrong.

    • Yeah, the spy shots seen so far seem to indicate something along those lines. It’s really too bad. A retro bike like Yamaha’s SR400 would be fantastic. Instead, I think we’ll get a plasticky, cast-wheeled poseur machine.

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