Spy shot, video: Ducati Scrambler


Ducati has put together a new video marketing campaign for the Scrambler that focuses on a claymation time-traveling test rider. Yeah, you read that right.

You can watch the video clips below; they focus on a Ducati test rider named Franco and his sweetie named Elvira. She works in the administration department, the teaser says, but it’s all a bit confusing, and there’s a Jimi Hendrix cameo. We’re sure it will all make sense eventually.

This video series is part of Ducati’s attempt to release details of the new bike under their own terms, but it’s not working out so well, with the latest sneak peek coming out of World Ducati Week, Ducati’s celebration of the brand that attracts fans from all over the world, but doesn’t actually last a whole week.

Photo: Facebook
Photo: Facebook

Ducati hauled the bike to the event and kept it under wraps. They built a beach party set, similar to what they put together for the bike’s initial unveiling at Bologna, only allowing a few viewers at a time, with no photography allowed. Of course, the human race being what it is, an intrepid viewer still managed to snap a pic, and posted it online.

Anyway, the photo isn’t really earth-shattering, just a confirmation of what we’ve seen already – mag wheels, an air-cooled V-twin motor lifted from the Monster lineup, decidedly street-biased tires. Actually, that makes us wonder – since we don’t learn anything new, maybe this is just a clever marketeer who’s keeping us interested without really giving away any details?

We found the Scrambler spy pic on FacebookAsphalt and Rubber pointed us there.


  1. Geezus – if the bike’s ready, just show the pics fer chrissakes.
    Who’s brilliant idea was it to make a bunch of effing cartoons ?

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