New book helps you pick out a vintage Triumph


If you’re into classic bikes, sooner or later you’ll likely have a brush with the British bike bug. A new book from Veloce Publishing can help with that.

British motorcycles ruled the world back in the 1960s, and Triumph’s machines were a big part of that success. That makes them popular with collectors, but alas, ownership of a vintage Triumph is not without its challenges. In his new Essential Buyer’s Guide, author Peter Henshaw guides buyers through the world of Triumph’s Thunderbird, Trophy and Tiger models, between the years 1950 and 1983.

In the book, Henshaw tells you what years and what models are most desirable, what trouble signs to watch out for, and offers up plenty of other sage advice. As Henshaw and many other Brit bike owners can tell you, buying one of these old machines can be a very tricky journey, and a book like this can go a long way towards making that journey easier.

Want more details? Check out Veloce’s website here.

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