German company working on new 500 cc two-stroke


Here at CMG, we hear it all the time: “If only they would bring back the two-strokes.” Well, a German company is working on it.

We’re guessing most readers have never heard of the German firm Ronax, but they claim they’re about to release a 500 cc street-legal machine in less than two months. Dubbed the Ronax 500, the bike is built around a half-litre V4 two-stroke motor, and is supposed to be race-ready with very little work.

Their promo copy on the website says “A legendary engine makes it comeback! Furious, demanding and impressive as it ever was!” So, it sounds as if they’re actually using a 500 cc two-smoker from the past to power this bike. However, they also say “Craftsmanship and technical highlights like the electronical injection or a starting motor give the Ronax 500 an up to date ride and handling.” Sounds like they’ve added EFI and an electric start to make the machine more civilized than its GP roots …

Are you salivating at your keyboard already, asking where to send your money? Bad news, amigo. Ronax says they’re limiting production to 46 units (almost certainly a shout-out to Valentino Rossi, who’s MotoGP’s all-time leader in 500 cc wins).

Find out more about the new Ronax 500 on their website or Facebook page.


  1. With only 46 bikes being produced, one would rightly assume the price to put these things into the realm of Unobtanium for the average bloke. Which is a shame, as pretty much nothing is as satisfying as a truly terrifying 2-stroke.

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