BC’s Eagleplex tracks surrounded by confusion

Photo: Facebook/Eagleplex

Despite reports to the contrary, BC’s Eagleplex tracks will host motocross and drag racing events in 2014.

Earlier this week, the Canadian Motorcycle Drag Racing Association reported on Facebook that their events at the Ashcroft, BC, location were reportedly going to be canceled by the track management, but that information was sketchy. Apparently, the CMDRA officials opened up a clear line of communication with the Ashcroft Indian Band, the track’s owners, and have cleared things up.

According to a press release published on the CMDRA’s Facebook page, there will still be several races at the track this year, including some motocross action and drag racing. As of right now, both the CMDRA’S events are scheduled to go ahead.

However, despite improvements and upgrades in the past few years, the track’s future is up in the air. The Eagleplex has been losing money over the past few years, and the Ashcroft Indian Band can’t afford for that to continue. Also, they’ve lost some key staff members this year, including the track’s manager, so that is going to make it tricky to operate this year.

You can find out more information about the Eagleplex’s situation here.


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