Breaking: Honda confirms CBR300, NM4 Vultus for Canada

The new CBR300 should arrive in the fall.

Earlier today, we told you Honda had released the official specs for the new NM4 (they’re not calling it the Vultus in Canada). Now, they’ve just confirmed it’s coming to Canada, along with the CBR300.

It’s not a surprise that the CBR300 is coming; a few weeks ago, we told you the signs were all pointing to a late 2014 delivery. Now, Honda’s confirmed the machine is coming, likely arriving this fall. Bam!

The CBR300 is a logical reaction to Kawasaki’s Ninja 300, a bike that moved past their long-running Ninja 250 series, out-muscling their quarter-litre competition in the process. Honda responded by stroking the CBR250’s motor, ending up with close to 17 per cent power gain. They also updated the bodywork; it’s closer to the sporty CBR1000 now, and less like the VFR series. That’s what the kids want these days, right?

ABS will be standard on the new CBR300 series – it was optional on the CBR250.

While some beginner buyers may take this as a sign to hang on to their money and wait for the bigger bike to arrive in the fall, keep in mind a few things: The new CBR300 will likely be priced higher than the current 250, since they’ve updated the model. Also, your insurance company is almost certainly going to want more money for larger displacement. Finally, Honda is running huge discounts on the current CBR250 lineup right now – as low as $3,499 MSRP on their site right now, minus freight and taxes. That’s a smoking deal on a bike that can do it all, even if it can’t do it very fast …

About the NM4: Apparently, contrary to what we guessed this morning, Canada is indeed getting the DCT version of this machine; it’ll be the first of their 700-series twins to come equipped as such. The bike should arrive in showrooms sometime this fall.

Finally, Honda’s also announced they’re bringing in an updated PCX150 scooter. They’ve upgraded all the lights to LED units, changed the bodywork, and reworked the ergonomics to make the step-through more comfortable for both rider and passenger. The fairing compartment on the left side now contains a 12V plug-in, for uses like phone charging, and they’ve added hazard lights.

On the mechanical side of things, Honda’s revised some engine internals to improve fuel effficiency (new tires also help out in this department). Top speed is still over 100 kph, though. The fuel tank was increased in size from 5.9 litres to 8 litres, so riders should have plenty of range now.


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    • Keep dreaming … or go buy a used XR400 or XR650R and convert it. Or an XR650L. The days of Honda making those sort of bikes seems to be at an end.

  1. So here’s my prediction. List on the current 250 is $4499 without ABS. Right now the clearance price is $3499. List on the Ninja 300 is $5399, but right now they are $300 off. Look for the new 300 to be right around $5000 with the possibility of a $300 discount. So save $1200 by snapping up a 250. Don’t expect to see discounting, or even showroom stock prior to the start of the 2015 riding season.

  2. However, the recently announced production delay might be because Honda decided to revise the model a little more thoroughly to make it more competitive with the Kawi. My guess though is that they want to clear out a big backlog of unsold 250’s. Honda won’t be selling the two models side by side. The much cheaper 250 would be cannibalizing sales of the 300.

    • I agree it’s unlikely the 250 and 300 will be sold side-by-side. The 250s really are super-affordable right now, and anyone who wants a good, basic motorcycle that’s capable of everything from touring to commuting to entry-level roadracing should consider one.

  3. The impression I get is that they are basically giving the CBR250 a little extra power so that it’s a bit better for highway cruising at 10 or 20 kph over the speed limit. If you don’t plan on speeding, it probably won’t make much difference. So in that respect it’s more of an upgrade of the existing model, and still won’t have the sporting cred of the little Ninja. I would expect Honda would price it pretty aggressively. Still if getting a bargain is a priority I’d say grab one of the 250’s before they’re gone.

  4. I honestly do not see where Honda is going with this line up of bikes it makes no sense to me I own a cbr250 rode the cbr500 last summer the bikes are damn near identical in terms of handling the 500 is slightly faster although you dont notice it and to me it was a bit boring no character. With the addition of the 300 to the line up it seems a bit of a waste to me. Reasources would have been better spent making there existing line up better. Also they are adding a 650 how much better or faster is that going to be over the 500??? my guess is not much if any at all

    • I think it’s great that there are so many choices from Honda these days. Now if they’d come out with a CB300F, I’d have to pull out my wallet.

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