CBR300 looks likely


The scuttlebutt from the Toronto show is that it’s very likely Honda’s CBR300 will come to the country.

Consider the facts: Honda hasn’t brought any 2014 CBR250s into the country; at the recent Moncton show, the sole CBR250 was stuck in the back corner of their display. That’s sort of an odd way to market one of your best-selling models … then, we heard of the CBR300’s production issues slowing down that bike’s delivery to other markets.

Add on top of that the deep discounts on existing CBR250s (marked down a whopping $1,000, from $4,999 to $3,999 for CBR250RA, and from $4,499 to $3,499 for CBR250R), and it looks like Honda is making way for a new learner bike.

Big Red’s execs were cagy on the subject, though, only saying they hadn’t announced whether the bike would be in their lineup for the 2014 selling season; the decision depended, it seemed, on global production.

For riders who still need a bike in the 250 cc or less category, the CBR125 has returned to Honda’s lineup for 2014.



  1. Good, I’m waiting. The 300 is a significant remake and should perform really well and I definitely want ABS. I am going to trade my collector-plated 1965 CB160 through a local dealer for the 300. I think that keeps me in the Honda spirit.

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