Honda CBR300 details announced


Honda has finally got around to confirming the existence of their CB300F naked bike, and have even confirmed it’s going to the US, but we don’t know about a Canadian release yet.

The CB300F is a simple variant of the CBR300 sport bike. It has a bit less bodywork (but like most modern nakeds, there’s still plenty of plastic), and it’s got a set of straightish handlebars for an upright riding position. In other words, it’s the sort of sensible motorcycle most riders need for day-to-day use.

While we don’t know if Honda will bring the 300F to Canada, we do know the CBR300 is coming here – it was confirmed back in April. That bike is built around a stroked version of the CBR250 motor, with updated bodywork.

Curb weight on the naked 300F is 158 kg, and it seems the machine will only come in red. Otherwise, it seems most of the rest of the machine is the exact same as the CBR300 – seat height is 780 mm, tires are 110/70-17 front and 140/70-17 rear, fuel capacity is 12.9 litres, etc., etc.

In the US, the CB300F will be sold around the $4,000 mark, a little cheaper than the CBR300’s $4,400 price tag.

While naked beginner bikes haven’t had a big presence in North America in recent years, the Suzuki GW250 sort of re-established the category last year. Once you get outside this continent, though, these machines sell very well.


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