New designs for womenwear


VaVaVroom, the U.S. clothing company that specializes in motorcycle fashions for women, has come out with its 2009 spring assortment.

A Night Out collection features a Viva Lacet tank top in black and brown with pink ribbons lacing up and intertwining through motorcycle wheels. An "I ‘Heart’ Motorcycles" design features the word "Motorcycles" above a stylized and winged heart.

Other collections in the Vroom 09 closet include "Dirt," with "Talk Dirty to Me" T-shirts, "Chopper Chic," with a chopper wrapped in rose vine, and "Ride" with the word "Ride" written vertically along the side.

There are also some updates to old designs, such as a retailored Sport Bike Edition top.

See what they’ve got to make you hot, or cool, or whatever it is you want to be, at


  1. International Female Ride Day 2010 Friday 7 May–women, JUST RIDE!
    Ducati, Harley, Honda, KYMCO, BMW, Kawasaki–no matter.

  2. I can verify that there are chicks who ride Ducati’s–just picked up a sweet red GT1000 as my “touring” bike. Can’t wait for decent weather to ride!

  3. I know there are two ‘distaff Duck’ riders in the big smoke.

    One on a Red mini Monster, and I’m sure I saw a feminine derrierre on a 996 or something…

  4. A distaff is a piece of equipment used in the ancient traditional art of spinning fibre into yarn, so it can subsequently be woven or knitted. At certain points in time and geography spinning has been most often done by women, hence its use to refer to the entire sex. So then, what noun should be converted to a short-form for all men?

  5. I am so happy his ‘Editorship has diversified to accomodate the distaff side of CMG.
    This is so correct even Harley does it
    May is Women Harley Riders Month
    Im not sure which month is Women Ducati Riders Month or if there even is a woman who rides a Duck.

    Mrs. X would love this stuff if she ever came home to view the Va Va Vroom Site.

    What exactly does “distaff” mean anyway ?

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