New hope for old marque



We said something good might happen when the Eastern Bloc caved, and we were right. Former GP racers Ralph Waldmann and Martin Wimmer have bought a former East German marque and may plan to produce a modern 600 cc sportbike with it.

Waldmann (finished just behind Biaggi in the ’96 and ’97 250GP series) and Wimmer (won the German Grand Prix in ’85 and finished the 250GP season in fourth place) purchased MZ this week for a reported four or five million euros.

The money was sponsored by the Hong Leong Group, according to the Visordown website, and Wimmer will take over as managing director immediately.

It’s rumoured that they’ll produce a 600 cc street bike based on a Moto2 GP project bike.

MZ announced on Jan. 9 that it was shutting down.


  1. MZ ? :roll
    If it was MV
    But MZ

    WHY ?

    Just cause they could ride bikes fast doesn’t mean they are businessmen (obviously)
    More cash than sense

  2. Why would they want to compete directly with the Japanese in that category?
    It sounds like a pointless exercise that will inevitably fail.
    Though, I guess it’s better than another overstuffed cruiser.

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