Honda Stylo 160: Neo-Retro Step-Through

Stylo 160

Motorcycles might move your heart, but scooters move the world. Travel outside North America, and step-throughs are everything from grocery-getters to family haulers to adventure travel machines. So, it’s interesting to see Honda take a new step with its scooter lineup, introducing a new neo-retro. Alas, for now, the Honda Stylo 160 appears to only be an Asian-market model.

The Honda Stylo 160 uses a liquid-cooled single-cylinder engine—presumably the same fuel-injected engine that’s used in the ADV160 and other Honda scoots. It makes 16 hp at the crank, and 15 Nm torque. Nothing too earth-shattering here.

This is the Glam trim, which is actually more subdued. PHOTO CREDIT: Honda

What’s interesting is the Stylo’s turn towards retro-tastic styling—or rather, perhaps an interpretation of what the futurists of the past thought our machines would look like today. The bodywork would look at home in a Blade Runner film, especially with that hexagonal headlight. But while it’s vaguely retro, the scooter is packed with modern touches like LED lights, a digital dash readout and even a USB charging port. The scooter comes with either antilock brakes or a combined braking system, or at least that’s what the spec sheet seems to indicate. There are several paint choices available, and you can opt for Royal trim (which is more flashy) or Glam (more blacked-out trim).


Twelve-inch wheels will be at home in the city, but make for a bumpy ride on bad roads. Dry weight is 115 kg with combined braking, 118 with ABS.

Although this scoot has only appeared in Indonesia so far, it seems likely that it will be a global release—although that doesn’t necessarily include Honda Canada. Note that Honda is only bringing the retro Giorno and utilitarian Ruckus scooters to Canada this year, out of the many step-throughs available in its global lineup.


  1. global release although that doesn’t necessarily include Honda Canada. They ll never do that ! Yah honda canada did not even bother with the new passport when Honda mark its 60th anniversary. How many people would gone I remember having one as kid and buy it ? They dont bother with adv 150 / 160 or pcx . Honda Canada does not think scooter well sell . Does not bother speed ad money to promote them locally . Hell BC canada if they spent the cash could be the place they sell lots of them since you can ride 300 days out of the year in some places. Ad eg you meet the honda more smiles per mile . ADV 160 MPG plus .

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