CFMoto Launches New 450 Adventure Bike For North America


The new-for-2024 CFMoto 450 Ibex (known in some markets as the 450MT) is coming to North America—the US market for sure, and presumably Canada as well.

The 450 Ibex is a small-sized adventure bike based around the same liquid-cooled 450 parallel twin that CFMoto already uses in naked bikes and sportbikes. In the Ibex, this engine makes 44 hp at 8,500 rpm and 32.5 lb-ft of torque at 6,250 rpm. Like most parallel twins these days, the engine has a 270-degree crank; CFMoto says it’s been counterbalanced to run very smooth, so while you have roughly the same power output as an old-school 650 single-cylinder engine, you’ve got less vibration.

The US market gets these bikes towards late summer. As Canada’s distributor is a totally separate entity, we have no confirmation on arrival time. PHOTO CREDIT: CFMoto

You’ve got more weight, though—the Ibex 450 weighs around 200 kg at the curb, close as we can tell (CFMoto didn’t give out a curb weight number). That would mean more pork than a DR650 or XR650L, but probably less than the new KLR650.

The suspension on the new CFMoto is fully adjustable, and the shock linkage can be adjusted to lower the seat to about 800 mm. In stock shock configuration, and with a rally seat (sold as an accessory), seat height can climb to about 860 mm. There’s only about 200 mm of suspension travel in front and back, so this isn’t a hard enduro machine.

A 21-inch wheel in front and 18-inch wheel in rear means you can get proper dual sport tires. It comes with Chinese-made tires, from the same factory that makes Maxxis. PHOTO CREDIT: CFMoto

Switchable traction control and ABS come standard, along with a 5-inch TFT screen that includes Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to stream music and do other tasks through CFMoto’s proprietary app. Underneath that dash, there’s a USB-C and USB-A charging port.

CFMoto even included tubeless spoked wheels on this bike, a feature usually reserved for far more expensive machines.

While there are a few other ADVs in the sub-500 category, none have the standard kit that the Ibex 450 comes with. PHOTO CREDIT: CFMoto

LED lights are standard, and fuel capacity is 17.5 liters. CFMoto’s staff say that should give a range of about 320 kilometers.

Asking price in the US is a $6,499 MSRP. Expect it in Canada sooner or later, but probably as a 2025 model, and with price in line with the Royal Enfield Himalayan 450.


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