The Toronto Motorcycle Film Festival Has New Mini-Film Contest!

Toronto Motorcycle Film Festival
Credit: TMFF

Want to make your first motorcycle film, but you don’t know where and how to start? The Toronto Motorcycle Film Festival has a new option that might get you inspired, and remove some of the intimidating barriers, with the Reel Revs video contest.

Why launch Reel Revs? Filmmaking might sound intimidating, if you’re not already doing it. Even if you’ve got the gear to shoot footage, and edit it… it’s tough to then come up with the time to learn how to use all that equipment and do a good job on editing together a convincing narrative or documentary. Not that people aren’t doing this all the time on YouTube as newbies, but for someone who wants to do a good, proper job, even a short film can look like a very challenging project.

Reel Revs solves that by only asking participants to put together a 90-second video that shows their moto lives. See the festival’s description below:


Lights, Camera, Action

Rev up your camera. We want to watch your story in a 90-second video that showcases what motorcycling means to you.

Submit your video by Sept 8, 2023 for a chance to win $1,000 in REV’IT! gear and have your video shown at TMFF, but most importantly, share your passion and inspire other riders around the world!

Sounds easy! And it is. Think about it: The TMFF just gave you the subject to talk about, and told you how long the video should be. All that’s left is for you to go make the film. Surely you can do that before September 8?

This year’s Toronto Motorcycle Film Festival runs September 22-23 at the Revue Cinema in Toronto’s Roncesvalles neighbourhood—see more details here. For the rules and regulations on the Reel Revs video contest, check out the TMFF’s details here.

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