Ducati continues teaser campaign for new V4 Multistrada

The new Ducati V4 Multistrada is supposed to be here this week, and the teaser campaign continues to drag on. Now, Ducati just released a new “theorem” saying the future sounds familiar. Say what?

Apparently, Ducati’s trying to tell us that even though we’re going to a V4, the engine will still sound like a twin … maybe? Once you sort out the spelling mistakes, the teaser website promises us “The sound that will excite you. The sound punctuated by the rhythm of the Twin Pulse. The sound of the new V4 Granturismo.”

The three previous leaked Ducati theorems told us we were getting a new, lighter V4 engine. Ducati also mentioned its smooth power output, implying some sort of engine trickery to provide thrilling “on demand” horsepower. We also learned the new engine would have 37,300-mile service intervals. Other leaks hinted the engine would make 170 horsepower, and Ducati also said the new Multistrada will have forward-facing and rear-facing radar that powers adaptive cruise control. And, we know Ducati calls the new V4 engine the “Granturismo”—seems there’s a real emphasis on long-haul durability and usefulness here.

Expect a street-oriented version of the new Multi first, but a “Pro” version, aimed at more spirited off-roading, will probably be along soon enough.


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