The myKTM app allows “factory bike set-up”

Dirt bike tuning has come a long, long way. Instead of messing with power valves and expansion chambers, modern offroad machines now have so much tech packed in that you can tinker with them via smartphone—and KTM’s new app will allow you to do that with some of its lineup.

KTM’s put together apps for its flagship adventure bikes before, offering navigation help and other stuff, but the new myKTM app is instead aimed at the SX-F lineup. It connects to the bike via Bluetooth, thanks to a Connectivity Unit that’s located in the handlebar pad (purchased at extra cost). Hook this up, load up the app, and then your phone will be able to set up a “virtual garage,” where you can tweak engine and suspension settings. 

Users can modify engine braking and throttle response, traction and launch control and other settings. You might not be able to make massive power gains, but you can change how that power is delivered, at least. As for the suspension settings, the app can make suggestions based on course conditions. It’s like having your own virtual pro tuner on-board, or at least that’s the idea anyway. More details in KTM’s press release below—no word yet on what this will all cost. “Contact your local dealer,” the presser says, which is the typical KTM way.

Press release


Placing added control in the hands of KTM SX-F riders, the myKTM app allows for quick and easy bike set-up with key tuning tools and helpful advice from the comfort of your smartphone device. With the software now downloadable for both iOS and Android, the KTM PowerParts Connectivity Unit kit will available to purchase this December with initial availability in limited numbers.

The myKTM app functions through a straightforward Bluetooth connection to the Connectivity Unit located in the handlebar pad. Once synced, the bike will be added into your virtual GARAGE and will immediately become available for a range of tuning options and recommendations described in the respective ENGINE and SUSPENSION sections.

Entering ENGINE allows riders to customize parameters of the engine to their taste or to suit the terrain and conditions they are about to face. It involves a basic ‘sliding scale’ approach, with several pre-sets allowing modifications of vital parameters such as ENGINE BRAKING, THROTTLE RESPONSE, TRACTION CONTROL and LAUNCH CONTROL. The changes made through the app are tangible, effective and very noticeable from the first moments of a new lap.

Selecting SUSPENSION means that riders can make their KTM SX-Fs even more specialized in terms of handling. It removes some of the settings guesswork to deal with hard-pack, muddy or sandy tracks thanks to the SAG ASSISTANT and the SUSPENSION SETTING recommendation. The recommendations are helpful for new tuners and experienced riders and racers alike.

For more information on pricing and availability of the KTM PowerParts Connectivity Unit kit, please contact your local authorized KTM dealer.


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