Cleveland CycleWerks reveals Falcon 01, Falcon BLK

Cleveland Cyclewerks Falcon

Cleveland CycleWerks took the wraps off the new Falcon 01 and Falcon BLK electric motorcycles late last week, but thanks to COVID-19, there was no launch party at its Ohio headquarters.  Instead, they took the launch online, hosting a video presentation from their facility in Cleveland.

Now, you can watch it below, getting a sort of taste of the Big Journalist Bike Launch Experience®!

It started with a chat with the bike’s designers, below:

From there, we get a walk through CCW’s lineup of past and present models, ending with a look at the new machine itself.

We did know some of the specs already, as we shared them earlier this month, in this article. However, CCW’s closer look gives us more details. If the claim about 80 per cent of the bike being made in the USA, and 60 per cent of the bike being built in Cleveland, is correct, then this machine is actually going to be the realization of a goal that CCW’s founder has been aiming at from the start.

MSRP for the Falcon 01 is $7,995 US, and it’s $14,995 for the Falcon BLK. Find more information at the Cleveland CycleWerks website.


  1. I like it. Far more simple mechanically so CCW reliability issues should be less a problem. I look forward to the day to when electric bikes are priced comparably to gas bikes.

    I also noticed on the site there’s a twin 250 and a 400 single. That 400 has been kicking around Asia under different monikers for a while, so it should have any issues worked out.

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