Sudbury motorcycle club steps up, helps Meals on Wheels deliveries

With all the bad news about COVID-19, there’s still chances for people to show compassion and community spirit. CTV’s reporting that’s just what the Warriors motorcycle club is doing in Sudbury, by helping out Meals on Wheels.

Sudbury’s Meals on Wheels food delivery program had been suffering from a lack of volunteers, due to fears over COVID-19. CTV reports the program lost 15 volunteers in a single day, and when the Warriors found out, they stepped up—more details here.

The Warriors is a motorcycle club that’s mostly based in the US, but with some Canadian members as well, with a focus on Native American membership. The Sudbury chapter has been involved with other community causes in the past. We’d guess that this time around, given the time of year, they probably aren’t delivering the meals on their bikes, but who knows?


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