Cleveland CycleWerks releases more details of its electric bike

Cleveland CycleWerks is continuing development of its Falcon electric motorcycle, and has released some more specs on its website.

Battery range actually seems pretty decent; CCW is claiming a 257-km range for the Falcon BLK in Eco mode. The lower-priced Falcon 01 has a much lower 129-km claimed range. In Power mode, the Falcon BLK will have a 160-km claimed range, and the Falcon 01 will have an 80-km claimed range.

The Falcon 01 is intended to be an affordable e-bike, although CCW says it’ll be capable of over 100 km/h if you’re using it off-road (on-road, its capabilities will be governed by your area’s transportation laws). It’s got an  “e Bike” mode that restricts it to 36 km/h and an “e Moped” mode that restricts it to 48 km/h.

The Falcon BLK is intended to be a full-on street-legal motorcycle, and will have a top speed over 135 km/h, says Cleveland CycleWerks.

Both bikes will use similar hardware: regenerative braking systems, power packs from Angry Pixy Power (2.2 kWh for the Falcon 01, 4.4 kWh for the Falcon BLK), with 300-amp, 3-phase AC controller, with regenerative deceleration. The bikes come with swappable batteries, with the individual batteries rated for 4462 watt/hours of power; they’re made from Samsung INR 18650 35E cells. The electrical bits are all IP65-rated. The integrated onboard chargers will work with 110v and 220v plugs, and can be upgraded from the standard 7A rating to 12A. Both bikes will recharge to 80 per cent capacity in 45 minutes, and 100 per cent capacity in 90 minutes.

Torque output is rated at 29 lb-ft on the BLK model (restricted by law for the 01 model), and the motor has what’s called “Angry Pixy Mode” boost, which allows you to push it past normal max output for an added jolt of power. Power is delivered to the rear wheel (Michelin Power Pilot tires are standard) via clutchless direct drive.

Both bikes have non-adjustable front forks, and a rear shock with a remote air bladder. Suspension travel is 120 mm in front, and 100 mm in back. Brakes are CARD dual opposed-piston calipers with 200 mm discs, front and back, on each bike.

Curb weight is 68 kg for the Falcon 01, and 79 kg for the Falcon BLK. Seat height is 762 mm for both bikes, wheelbase is 1223 mm, and carrying capacity for both bikes is 170 kg. MSRP for the Falcon 01 is $7,995 US, and it’s $14,995 for the Falcon BLK.

CCW has posted lots of photos of its crew working on the bike’s early designs, and the machine is supposed to be fully unveiled in just over a week. CCW has traditionally had a presence in Canada, although not a strong one, but we’d expect these machines to show up here at some point if there’s a demand.

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