Ducati “Project 1708,” a.k.a. the Superleggera V4, will be bonkers

Back in November, Ducati’s CEO told a British mag there was a hyperbike version of the Panigale V4 coming, a completely modern Superleggara. Now, there’s more information on Ducati’s skunk works operation, known as Project 1708, that appears to be the bike behind the fuss.

GPOne has posted a screen grab from the Figgy MOTO Instagram account with details of Project 1708. The photo is supposedly of some communication that was intended only for Ducati insiders. It lists several specs for the new bike, including a claimed output of 234 hp and 85.3 lb-ft of torque (with the included Ackrapovic exhaust), and 152 kg dry weight. The email says there was considerable attention spent to lightening the engine internals as well. Ducati says this is the “most powerful” version of the Desmosedici Stradale R engine, and also the lightest.

The machine will have full carbon-fibre bodywork, including biplane winglets that provide 50 kg of downforce at 270 km/h (which more than the V4R and GP19 have). The chassis is also full carbon-fibre, with aluminum rear sprocket, a chain that was chosen to cut weight, and all sorts of aluminum and titanium screws and other bits. The footpegs and controls have been milled to keep weight down, as has the triple clamp.

Ducati includes Brembo Stylema R brake calipers with radiators for the pistons and new piston coatings that are supposed to deliver superior racetrack consistency. Suspension comes from Ohlins NPX25/30 forks and TTX36 shock, all carefully designed to reduce weight even further.

The bike’s livery will be based on the GP19 racebike. Themachines will be produced in very limited numbers, and each will come with its own race kit, including block-off plates, cover, and other bits. Naturally, this all comes at a high cost: pricing is $100,000 in the US (no mention of Canadian MSRP yet). Production starts in April, with deliveries in May.


  1. So who gets the first one,Tom Cruise or Nick Cage? In any event if Tom gets it I hope he doesn’t
    tip over on Melrose (LA) and be caught by papparazzi. More “lifestyle” product from the aliens in
    Borgo Panigale.

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